Cure Snoring & Sleep Apnea in a single office visit

You’re smart. You know that snoring isn’t helping your relationship, and that Sleep Apnea is a dangerous disease. You also know that most people simply can’t tolerate the CPAP mask. In fact, most studies suggest that fewer than 40% of people who try CPAP actually wear it regularly. And if CPAP isn’t worn regularly, it doesn’t help.

snoring-img-1You may not know that over 50,000 people have come to the SnoringCenter for treatment that actually makes sense: minimally invasive, office based treatments. Instead of painful surgery or cumbersome devices, our Board Certified ENT physicians specialize in cutting edge treatment such as the Pillar Procedure, in-office turbinate reduction, laser tonsillectomy, and more.


CPAP simply isn’t a good solution for the majority of patients with sleep apnea. We understand that. That’s why we specialize in practical, patient-friendly alternatives. After all, a treatment is only as good a a patient’s willingness to use it.


Our doctors will perform a thorough examination of your nose and throat, identify your problem areas, and discuss treatment options that address your anatomy, as well as the severity of your disease. While vibration of the soft palate is estimated to be the cause of some 80% of snoring, patients with sleep apnea typically also have obstruction in the nasal airway and, quite often, the base of tongue. This fact is the basis for our minimally invasive, multi-level treatment approach: typically combining palatal stiffening (the Pillar Procedure) with other treatments, as indicated. Because Snoring Center doctors have so many tools at their disposal, we don’t rely on “one size fits all” approaches.


Our minimally invasive approach allows patients to get treated, and immediately return to normal activities – unlike traditional surgery, which can be quite painful and require lengthy recovery periods.


Over 50,000 patients (and their bed-partners) are sleeping better thanks to our minimally invasive, multi-level treatment approach. Call us to see if we can help you, too!


The Snoring Center was a pioneer in the use of home based sleep studies. Improved technology means that, instead of cumbersome and expensive lab-based testing, most people can be diagnosed in the comfort of home. Home sleep studies are far less expensive, much more convenient, and clearly preferred by patients.


We are in network with most commercial insurers, and work hard to maximize your insurance benefits. While many sleep apnea treatments are covered by insurance, snoring treatment typically is not (insurance considers snoring a social issue, not a health concern). While the Pillar Procedure is not covered by insurance, it is typically less expensive (and far less painful) than traditional surgical options – which is why so many patients prefer it.

All of our treatments can be paid for using flex-spending or health savings accounts. In addition, we partner with Care Credit to offer no-interest financing for our patients.

There’s No Such Thing as “Just Snoring”

If you’ve missed out on a good night’s sleep because of your snoring or your partner’s, you know how serious it is. From daytime sleepiness to depression, high blood pressure to diabetes, and difficulty losing weight to decreased sexual performance, lack of sleep hurts.

Our specially trained Ear, Nose and Throat doctors can provide a complete evaluation, consultation and treatment all in the same visit—typically in under an hour!

Snoring Center treatment options include, The Pillar Procedure by Medtronic, Turbinate Reduction, Laser Tonsil Ablation (Tonsillectomy), Palate Reduction, and Oral Appliances.

When a sleep study is indicated, we offer home-based sleep studies. These are an affordable, convenient alternative to traditional lab-based sleep studies.

The Snoring Center has offices in cities across the country, including Atlanta, Austin, Beverly Hills, Burnsville, Dallas, Edina, Houston, Lafayette, New York, Norwalk, and San Francisco.

Let Us Help You

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  • After A Week, I Could Already Feel Big Improvements

    “I’ve always had large tonsils, but recently they became a big problem for me. I had Laser Tonsillectomy to reduce the size of my tonsils, and the results are great. The procedure was not a big deal and over before I knew it. I went to a Mexican restaurant directly after my procedure and ate chips and tacos. And, after a week, I could already feel big improvements.”

    - Justin L.

  • I Was Way Past The Normal Age For A Tonsillectomy, And I Was Skeptical About The Laser Procedure

    “The Snoring Center has improved my quality of life. After numerous episodes of tonsillitis, I was searching for anything to help. I was way past the normal age for a tonsillectomy, and I was skeptical about the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure. However, Dr. Schwimmer and the entire staff at The Snoring Center were very nice and professional and made the entire process fast and relatively pain free. I experienced very little discomfort during the procedure and very minor pain afterwards. Within a few hours, I was eating normal food. The best part is that since the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure I have not had a single episode of tonsillitis or even a sore throat. Thank you Snoring Center!”

    - Daniel A.

  • I Can Breathe Through My Nose For The First Time In 16 Years

    “My nasal allergies are so bad that it is debilitating. I love outdoor activities, but often I can’t partake or I pay the price. I heard about turbinate reduction at The Snoring Center and that it can help with nasal allergy symptoms. For me it has done much more than “help”, I can breathe through my nose for the first time in 16 years. This really is life changing. Thank you!”

    - Ryan W.

  • The Entire Procedure Took Only About 10 Minutes. But, It Changed My Life

    “I have suffered all of my life from nasal allergies. I meet with clients all day and allergy season is awful. It is embarrassing to continually blow my nose and sniffle during meetings. Not to mention the expense of regular doctor’s visits and daily medication. I was happy to have Turbinate Reduction at The Snoring Center. The entire procedure took only about 10 minutes, but it changed my life. Thank you Snoring Center.”

    - Kelly F.

  • It Truly Was A Life-Changing Experience

    “Turbinate Reduction not only helped my allergies but also my sinus headaches. This changed my life from someone who has had allergies since I was five years old to someone who is allergy-free. I would like to thank Dr. Schwimmer for all he has done for me. It truly was a life-changing experience.”

    - John B.