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A Better Way to Treat Problem Snoring

You undoubtedly know someone who suffers from sleep apnea. For that matter, you probably know someone who uses a Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to treat their sleep apnea. As we will explain below, sleep apnea is a problem that needs to be addressed and while CPAP is the preferred form of treatment, it is ineffective for a number of people. The Snoring Center provides relief to problem snorers through a variety of technologically advanced treatments that can be a better alternative to CPAP for sleep apnea patients.

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that occurs while you sleep. In most cases, the muscles in the back of your throat relax to the point that the airway becomes completely blocked. The sleeper goes without air for a few to several seconds before waking. These episodes can occur several times each night and many times, the snorer is unaware that they are happening.

CPAP forces air into the airway to keep it open during sleep. The CPAP mechanism includes a mask attached by a tube to a small portable machine. The machine is effective, but patients commonly find themselves unable to use the machine because:

  • The mask is too uncomfortable, or
  • The tube is constantly getting in the way of finding a comfortable sleeping position, or
  • The noise from the machine, although minimal, is too loud to allow them to get a good night’s rest

What should be a positive solution to many for their sleep apnea becomes a barricade to a night of restful, revitalizing sleep. This is why thousands of patients have turned to The Snoring Center and our selection of advanced, yet simple treatment options. Our procedures are performed in-office and can be completed on the day of the first consultation.

Treatment takes place in three short phases. First, one of our board-certified physicians meets with the patient to diagnose the physiological cause of the snoring problem. Next, the physician consults with the patient on treatment options. Finally, the physician performs procedure or procedures needed to best provide relief. Here is the best part. The three steps described above can all be completed in less than one hour. Our patients return to normal activities immediately. Few of our patients report in negative side effects. Occasionally, a patient may experience some minor irritation in the throat that vanishes within a few hours. All the procedures provided by The Snoring Center are FDA approved, performed in-office and are minimally invasive.

The Pillar® Procedure is just one of the medically advanced treatments we utilize at The Snoring Center. The other proven treatments we utilize include:

  • Coblation Turbinate Reduction
  • Palate Coblation
  • RFA
  • Laser Tonsillectomy
  • Home Sleep Study
  • Oral Appliances
  • Snoring Surgery
  • CPAP

So, whether you suffer from Sleep Apnea or if your snoring problem is just keeping your sleeping partner awake at night, The Snoring Center has a treatment plan to stop your snoring in its tracks. Contact any one of our offices and get yourself back to enjoying the benefits of a refreshing night’s sleep.

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