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Are There Tricks To Reduce Snoring?


In many cases, snoring can be easily remedied. This is usually the case when your snoring is the result of daily habits or lifestyle choices. If you have occasional or light snoring, you may want to try making some changes to the following:

Lifestyle: Your diet and exercise choices play a significant role in your overall health, and that can have an effect on your snoring. In particular, a sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet can lead to excess weight around your throat, causing snoring. Losing weight can help remedy that.
Sleeping position: It may seem simple, but sleeping on your side can reduce snoring. This is because when you sleep on your back, your tongue may fall back into your throat and cause an obstruction. One way to train yourself to sleep on your side is by sewing a tennis ball onto the back of your shirt. When you roll over onto your back, the discomfort caused by the ball will cause you to move back onto your side.
Avoid sedatives: Sedatives, including certain medications and all alcoholic beverages, cause your muscles to relax. If your throat is too relaxed, it will collapse in on itself and obstruct airflow, leading to snoring. It’s best to avoid consuming these substances before going to bed.
Good sleep habits: Poor sleep habits lead to exhaustion, which in turn leads to heavier sleep and more relaxed muscles around the throat. Maintaining good sleep hygiene, i.e. sleep routines, can prevent snoring by minimizing exhaustion.
Stay hydrated: Less water in your system means the mucus in your nose and throat will become stickier. This makes it stay in place longer, potentially increasing snoring.
Eliminate allergens: Allergens in your home can lead to increased mucus secretions in the nose and soft palate, blocking breathing and generating snoring. One way to eliminate allergens in your home is by washing or changing the pillows, which can house dust mites right next to your face. Also, keep pets out of your room if their dandruff contributes toward your allergies.

In many cases, your snoring may be alleviated by these simple tricks. However, if it continues, it may be the result of physical issues within your nose and throat that block your air intake while sleeping. Certain nasal or throat structures may be oversized or misaligned, so taking care of those may eliminate your snoring. The Snoring Center specializes in minimally invasive procedures that remedy these problems. To learn more about snoring and how we can help, contact The Snoring Center today.

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