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What Does Dr. Phil Say About Snoring and Happiness?

Sleep deprivation is never fun, and can lead to crankiness, lack of energy, and can even damage relationships. Snoring has been known to cause significant relationship problems, often resulting in a couple sleeping in separate rooms when all other solutions have been exhausted.

In an episode of his show, Dr. Phil said, “It doesn’t always have to be something earth-shattering that threatens a relationship. They’re just kinda the dailies.” ‘Dailies’, which could include something such as loud snoring, that make it impossible for one or both parties in a relationship to get a good night’s rest.

Treating Snoring, Treating Relationships

On the Dr. Phil Show, one couple faced that very problem. Elizabeth and Robert found their relationship in jeopardy as a result of Robert’s snoring, which, according to Elizabeth, sounded “like a freight train” and kept her from sleeping. Upon appearing on the show, they had tried a number of simple solutions to no avail, at which point they had ended up sleeping in separate rooms. “I miss him,” said Elizabeth.

In an attempt to alleviate Robert’s snoring problem and try to save their relationship, Dr. Phil sent them to Dallas for a visit with Dr. Craig Schwimmer, founder of The Snoring Center. He performed several procedures on Robert to help reduce his snoring.

Dr. Schwimmer warned Robert that the procedure would not completely cure his sleep apnea, but stated that it would result in significant improvement. After the procedure, the couple flew home the same night and saw that promised improvement within a month.

A Happy, Well-Rested Couple

“I was skeptical,” admitted Robert two months after the procedure. “Especially my first couple nights when . . . I wanted it now.” The only side effect he experienced from the procedure had been a sore throat for a few days.

Overall, they were very satisfied with the results. “I just assumed that we were going to have to live this way for a long time,” said Elizabeth about the snoring situation, “Or, forever.” Fortunately, that was not the case. With Robert’s snoring significantly improved, they were able to sleep in the same room again, and their relationship improved dramatically.

Robert has had more energy during the day as well. “He’s way more spunky! He keeps me on my toes,” said Elizabeth.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea, which can result from prolonged snoring, can lead to significant problems in a relationship as well as one’s overall health. Not only can it make it impossible for one’s partner to sleep, it also prevents the snorer from getting into deeper sleep cycles where true restfulness occurs. This makes an individual feel tired throughout the day, experience a decrease in physical and emotional health, and even develop higher blood pressure and heart problems.

At The Snoring Center, there are numerous procedures available that are minimally invasive and highly effective at improving night time breathing. For help overcoming snoring challenges, schedule an evaluation today.

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