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Relieve Nasal Congestion In One Office Visit


Turbinate reduction is a simple, in-office procedure that can be used to relieve chronic nasal congestion and to relieve nasal allergy symptoms.

What is a turbinate??

Your nose is actually a pretty complicated organ! It performs a number of important functions, including serving as an “air conditioner” for the air you breathe. Inside your nose are structures called turbinates. They are like little shelves that stick out into the nasal airway, and they help condition the air you breathe. If these shelves are “too big”, they can block your ability to breathe through your nose. Some people have turbinates that are “too big” all the time. Other people have turbinates that only enlarge and cause problems when their allergies flare up.

How does turbinate reduction work?

Turbinate reduction used to be performed in the operating room, and could be quite unpleasant. At The Snoring Center, we use an office-based technique, which allows excellent results while avoiding need for surgery. Using only local anesthesia, we numb the inside of the nose, and then carefully reduce the size of the turbinate by applying radio frequency energy and removing a small core of tissue. It takes about 10 minutes, and patients immediately resume normal activities.

Who can benefit from turbinate reduction?

At The Snoring Center, we use turbinate reduction for two patient populations. For nasal allergy sufferers, turbinate reduction alone can offer years of relief from troublesome congestion, pressure and drainage. For patients with snoring and/or sleep apnea, turbinate reduction is used in conjunction with other minimally invasive treatments to achieve the desired result. For both groups of patients, in-office turbinate reduction has been shown to be a convenient, effective way to improve the nasal airway!

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