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Over-the-Counter Snoring Cures: Fact or Fiction

The marketing of snoring cures is a big business. Americans have forked over millions of dollars for fly-by-night snoring cures. In the odd case, some of them might actually be effective for some snorers. Most of the time though, they are a waste of time and money. These “cures” do not address the real causes of the snoring problem. Excessive weight, alcohol use, and physiological abnormalities can all be causes of problem snoring. The Snoring Center believes in taking a rational, compassionate and long-term approach to providing relief to snorers. Our treatments are minimally invasive and highly effective. In fact, many of our patients are physicians.

Of course, if you are adamant about trying an over-the counter remedy, at least know what you are getting yourself in to. Here are a few of the more common types of remedies:

  • Anti-snoring pills – These target nasal congestion with natural enzymes. Few, if any, of these pills have been clinically tested.
  • Snoring chin straps – These are designed to reposition the lower jaw during sleep to keep the airway open. These can be effective for some, but for others simply repositioning the jaw will not provide relief from snoring.
  • Non-snoring pillows – These pillows hold the head in a position that can help promote the expansion of the airways. The problem with these pillows, however, is that most people do not sleep in one position all night.
  • Nasal strips – They attempt to keep the nostrils open to allow for better breathing. For this reason, they may work better for people who snore due to congestion or allergies. The strips can’t address the most common cause of snoring which is the collapse of the soft palate.

The Snoring Center advocates the long-term treatment of problem snoring via minimally invasive procedures that address the physiological cause of the snoring. In less than an hour, our board certified physicians can meet with a patient, diagnose the cause of the snoring, consult on a solution and perform the corrective procedure. Our patients can immediately return to work. And since each patient is different, we utilize a variety of advanced procedures that are quick and painless… each designed to address different physical abnormalities that cause snoring. The treatments we offer include:

One thing we do NOT advocate is leaving the treatment of your snoring problem to the Internet. Would you seek a treatment for a serious illness online or at a drug store? If your snoring is problematic, consult a physician. There is a good chance your doctor will refer you to The Snoring Center.

Refreshing sleep is great and necessary. Stop depriving yourself. Contact The Snoring Center today.

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