The Pillar Procedure – Manhattan’s Preferred Alternative to CPAP for Sleep Apnea

Lose the mask! Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious medical condition associated with snoring in which the muscles in the back of the throat relax to the extent that airway becomes completely blocked. The snorer suffers from a lack of oxygen for sometimes several seconds. These episodes can occur multiple times each hour throughout the night. Sleep apnea has been linked to increased risks of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. It is also associated with diabetes and obesity. The board certified physicians in The Snoring Center’s Manhattan office have treated thousands of patients who suffer from moderate snoring problems to severe sleep apnea.

The preferred treatment for OSA is Constant Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP. Unfortunately, many patients simply can’t tolerate wearing the CPAP mask throughout the night. Enter The Pillar Procedure. This minimally invasive procedure takes just minutes to complete. The doctor places implants in the back of the throat which help reduce the collapsing of the throat and the subsequent blockage of the airway. Our patient’s return to their normal activities immediately and the only side effect they experience if any, is a slight irritation of the throat that disappears within a few hours.

At The Snoring Center treatment center in Manhattan, our trained physicians utilize a variety of minimally invasive procedures to treat any cause of problem snoring. These procedures qualify for payment via Flex spending medical accounts. These highly advanced procedures include:
• Pillar Procedure
• Coblation Turbinate Reduction
• Palate Coblation
• Laser Tonsillectomy
• Home Sleep Study
• Oral Appliances
• Snoring Surgery

Your sleep apnea can be yesterday’s news…immediately. Stop into our Manhattan office for a consultation to see if any of our minimally invasive procedures is right for you. A better night’s sleep can be yours right now!

Your Doctor: Charles Kimmelman, MD, Medical Director – New York City, NY

Dr. Charles Kimmelman is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. With his broad experience in medical research and clinical practice, Dr. Kimmelman has devoted his career to creating and using innovative medical and surgical methods for the care and wellness of the ear, nose, throat and related parts of the head and neck. He has been especially recognized for his contributions to Nasal and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Snoring and Sleep Apnea, and Smell and Taste Disorders. Dr. Kimmelman conceptualized, developed and brought to market a novel medical device, Sepragel Sinus, which facilitates healing and reduces scarring related to nasal and sinus surgery. Additionally, Dr. Kimmelman is a pioneer in the use of the Pillar Procedure, the first FDA-approved implantable treatment for sleep apnea and snoring, and he has performed over four thousand Pillar implants to date.

Dr. Kimmelman has been honored by the American Academy of Otolaryngology for his extensive educational and research contributions to the field. He has been chosen as one of New York’s “Best Doctors” by New York Magazine as well as the prestigious Castle Connolly Medical “America’s Top Doctors,” “Best Doctors in America,” and “Best Doctor in Otolaryngology”. He has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and websites including The New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Prevention, Cooking Light,, and has been seen on Regis and Kelly, CBS News, WABC News, WB11, Fox News Channel and many others.

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