Stop Snoring. Sleep Better.

Better Sleep leads to Better Golf!! By Paul Fulmer, MD

With the British Open starting this week, many of the professional golfers have learned that getting to England 10-14 days before the tournament helps their golf game and chances of winning!!  Making sure that they are on a regular sleep/rest cycle improves their ability to perform.

 A recent article in Golf Digest ( quoted a study out of Stanford by Cheri Mah, MS ( showing that increasing the sleep of Stanford basketball players improved their reaction times, cognitive function and their overall performance.  Mah’s findings are similar to those found by other studies showing an increase in Focus, Temper Control and “executive function” which are all paramount in playing golf!

Dr. Mark Benton from New Jersey (a 9 handicapper and sleep specialist) has also found that golfers who receive treatment for their sleep disordered breathing improve their golf scores.  It is even more dramatic in the lower handicap golfer as the skill level is there, but their deprived sleep is holding back their performance.

So if you have been told you snore or even stop breathing while you sleep, get it checked out!  Something as simple as an in office procedure could improve your sleep and in turn your golf!  However, don’t tell your buddies just yet.  Get fixed and watch your scores drop and your winnings soar!  Then when they ask why, you can let them in on your little secret!  BETTER SLEEP = BETTER GOLF!!


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