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Home Sleep Studies: Simple, Affordable and Insurance Friendly

Sleep studies conducted in a sleep lab entail a patient checking into an overnight facility to be monitored while they sleep. They will be hooked up to several electrodes and monitored for the night. The studies are designed to uncover severe problems the patient endures while asleep. However, there are inherent problems with the Studies. The do not always give a true indication of the patient’s sleeping situation since the environment is not the patient’s true sleeping habitat. Scheduling can be difficult and the cost may be prohibitive.
Last month, Blue Cross Blue Shield changed their policy regarding sleep studies, especially in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Blue Cross Blue Shield now considers in-center sleep apnea polysomnography to no longer be medically necessary for most adult patients. Instead, Blue Cross Blue Shield prefers unsupervised, at-home sleep apnea testing to be preferable.

The ONLY conditions in which a sleep center will be considered medically necessary are:
• When a prior home study was found to be inadequate
• When the prior home study failed to establish the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea in a patient with a high pre-test probability of obstructive sleep apnea
• When a home study is contraindicated due to co-morbid health conditions (such as pulmonary disease, neuromuscular disease, congestive heart failure or hypo-ventilation syndrome). that may decrease the accuracy of the study.

In-home sleep studies are everything sleep lab studies are not. They are convenient, simple and affordable.

The Snoring Center’s in-home sleep study involves the patient wearing a device around the wrist with monitors on the fingers. To conduct the study they merely push a button and sleep as they normally would. The device measures air flow, heart rate and blood saturation storing the data in the device’s memory.

The next day, the patient can return the device to our office and we can download and evaluate the data. This data becomes an important part of our diagnosis and treatment of their snoring and/or sleep apnea problems.

Should the data warrant treatment, our board certified physicians will turn to our suite of proven, minimally invasive procedures to treat the snoring problem. All procedures can be performed in the office and the entire process of consultation and treatment can be completed in less than an hour. Our patients can immediately return to work. The treatments we offer include:

If it is time for you to get a handle on your snoring problem and you (or your doctor) think a sleep study might be in order consider The Snoring Center’s home sleep studies. These proven, cost-effective methods can help to gauge the severity of your condition. Scheduling an appointment is easy and you can complete your sleep study on the same day of your initial appointment.

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