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Is Beauty Sleep for Real?

We’ve all heard the expression, “I need my beauty sleep,” but is there really such a thing looks-wise, or does sleep only provide inner benefits?

Actually, good sleep rejuvenates all of you, including your skin and your outer physical appearance, so yes, if you sleep properly and well, you will enjoy beautifying results. Fewer breakouts, brighter eyes and a more even skin tone are just the starting/startling results of a consistent good night’s sleep. How’s that for improving your looks?

Your body uses sleep time to heal your skin from the day’s damage and the stresses inflicted upon you, body and soul. Researchers in Sweden ran a test of sleep-deprived people versus well-rested individuals. The study group immediately identified the well-rested group as looking healthier and more attractive.

Another trick, or healthy precaution, for achieving beauty sleep is to consider what you eat before you go to bed. If you munch on salty products, your skin can puff up and lose its luster. Instead, choose fruit or veggies. The latter also won’t interfere with your sleep as much as salty, greasy or fatty foods will.

Another decision to make is to consume a nightcap or not. Sure, a glass of wine — or Scotch, for that matter — might help you nod off, but it also will probably interrupt your nighttime sleeping pattern. Instead, choose water or juices for your late-night beverage.

Another tip for both great sleep and better resulting beautification is to take a hot bath before bed. Indulge yourself if you like. When you warm your body with the bath, not only are you cleansing it of impurities, but you’re also helping induce good sleep. As your body cools down in bed, the natural result is a nice sleepiness.

Sleeping face up, though it’s not an ideal position if you snore, will also help prevent wrinkles on the face. Even sleeping on your side beats sleeping face down for wrinkle prevention.

So, yes, beauty sleep is real, but to achieve it, you have to do your part, which means adhering to good sleep hygiene principles. If you need help adopting good sleep patterns, talk to your doctor or seek the help of a sleep professional. Good sleep is too valuable for every aspect of your life, including beauty, brains and happiness.

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