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Is There Such a Thing as Beauty Sleep?

Is there really such a thing as beauty sleep? You betcha!

If you sleep long and well enough, it gives your body and skin time to heal from the day’s ravages and damages. If you sleep well, you should wake up looking fresh, rosy and alive.

Thus not only does your daytime performance suffer from sleep deprivation, but so does your body and skin — your beauty elements. It’s no wonder that professional models will sleep like babies for as long as they can. Their very livelihoods depend on looking
fresh and, well, beautiful.

Beauty, of course, is not just skin deep, but skin deep counts for a lot. Consider this: no matter your age, lack of sleep can lead to the onset of pimples and blackheads, as well as worsening the inner stress you feel from the challenges of everyday life. Your eyes will often tell others (if they’re looking) how well you slept. Though dark rings around eyes are sometimes hereditary, generally speaking a good night’s sleep will result in eyes — and skin — that sparkle.

Researchers in Sweden put good versus bad sleep and people’s resulting looks to the test, showing a study group pictures of people who’d slept eight hours together with pictures of sleep-deprived people. The results were obvious and predictable: Those in pictures who had enjoyed their eight hours of log time looked less tired, healthier and, yes, more attractive.

Good sleep-hygiene practices before retiring also help ensure more “beauty” the next day. Eating and drinking before bedtime can especially cause next-day problems, such as swollen faces from eating salty foods too close to bedtime, or tired, red eyes and dried-out skin from drinking alcohol before retiring. Skip the booze entirely and drink only water or non-caffeinated natural juices, and if you need a snack, fruit and veggies are your best choice. Salty items can lead to swollen mugs in the morning.

Another good sleep hygiene trick — a warm bath before retiring — will not only help you fall asleep because your body temperature drops after the bath but will also improve your skin, its smoothness and tone, when awakening.

In short, getting a good night’s sleep, usually 7.5 to 8.5 hours but sometimes a bit more for some people, represents the royal road to vitality, good health and good looks the next day. If you’ve tried every sleep-hygiene trick in the book and still suffer tiredness and droopy looks the next day, it’s time to seek the help of a sleep professional.

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