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Poor Sleep Linked to Physical Pain, Problems for Those 50 and Older

A study out of Great Britain has linked poor sleep to physical problems associated with aging, including generalized pain, joint issues, fibromyalgia, tissue tenderness and other conditions.

Such problems, according to the study, affect 10 percent of those over 50 years of age, but that percentage rises t0 80 at age 65 or older. Of those affected, how many are related to sleep problems? The study found that the majority of the issues was related to non-restorative sleep patterns, in other words, to sleeping poorly and/or not sleeping enough.

The study, by Keele University’s Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre researcher Dr. John McBeth, tracked participants over a 10-year period, which accounts for the findings that problems increase with age but generally are still tied to sleeping problems, though life-style choices and cognitive issues also play a part. (The study was adjusted for the effects of osteoarthritis.)

This was no small study either, involving some 4,326 adults 50 or older for the decade-long research.

According to the published findings in The Guardian: “After sharing the results of the study, McBeth stated that interventions for both widespread and site-specific problems were needed. If the worse pain is due to poor sleep, patients need help with getting the right amount of rest, but psychological, physical and memory health of adults also need to be looked into.”

Regardless of your age, poor or non-restorative sleep can lead to physical, mental and daily-life functioning challenges and problems. If you’re not enjoying a fully night’s regenerative sleep, that could be a strong signal that you need to seek professional help at facilities such as The Snoring Center.

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