Stop Snoring. Sleep Better.

YMCA’s 5 Pillars of a Healthy Family Home

The YMCA has long supported efforts to help families build healthy homes. Previously, the Y listed four Pillars of a Healthy Family Home:

Eat Healthy
Play Every Day
Get Together
Go Outside

Recently, “Sleep Well” was made the 5th Pillar of a Healthy Family Home. And with good cause! As the YMCA puts it: “Sleep is an essential part of healthy living. So many good things happen when our minds and bodies are resting. Explore these healthy habits, tips and tools designed to help your family reassess its approach to getting the rest that we all need”.

Well done, YMCA! Sleep is absolutely vital to health and well being, and I salute their wisdom in making the goal of getting good sleep a fundamental part of each family’s well-being efforts.

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