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Can JUST Snoring really increase your risk of death??!! By Paul Fulmer, MD

Snoring is a very common problem within the general population, but especially for patients who have obstructive sleep apnea. For years doctors have been concerned about “sleep apnea” (stopping breathing at night) and not necessarily about just the loud noise caused by snoring. However, a recent study looking at a large group of people showed an over all increase in the death rate for those who SNORED, but did not have sleep apnea!!!

All factors were considered and as expected, being an older, overweight male does increase your risk. However, people who are not over weight and don’t have sleep apnea actually still had an increased risk of early death.

So if you snore, you should have this evaluated, because you DO have an INCREASED health risk. Discuss this with your local doctor, or call and make an appointment at ‘The Snoring Center” and we would be happy to evaluate your snoring.

Thankfully today, there are several minimally invasive procedures that are available to help get rid of your snoring problem and get you back to your regular activities the same day. Remember, snoring is not just a disturbance, but can be a health issue for you as well. Give us a call; we would be glad to help!!

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