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Guess what Ladies? You Snore, Too

It probably comes as no surprise that the largest contingent of day-in, day-out snorers is middle-aged and older men. Of the 90 million snorers in the United States, men make up just over two-thirds of that crowd. That means that just under one of every three Americans who snore is female.  A deeper look at the statistics shows just how much of a problem snoring can be for women, especially later in life. 30 percent of adults over the age of 30 snore…and men are twice as likely to snore than women in the younger end of this demographic. However, as women age they become much more likely to snore. After menopause, as many women snore as men.  At The Snoring Center, we help both men and women address their problem snoring. And for our women patients, we know that snoring is not only unhealthy but it also carries an embarrassing stigma. That’s why our board certified physicians utilize minimally invasive treatments to provide relief from snoring…and relief from humiliation.

Most of our patients are surprised by how simple our treatments are. By no means does this indicate that our procedures are remedial, in fact, they sit at the forefront of medical technology. They are, however, comfortable and fast for the patient. In fact, the entire process of diagnosis, consultation and treatment is extremely belief.  All can be done on the same day, usually within an hour. Our patients return to their normal activities immediately. Post procedure, our patients rarely feel discomfort. If they do, it usually nothing more than a slight irritation in the throat that vanishes within 24 hours.

The advanced, minimally-invasive, office procedures we utilize include:

So ladies, stop suffering. Stop feeling embarrassed. Get a good night’s sleep for a change and see how much better you will feel. Call us at The Sleeping Center to schedule a consultation. That dark cloud hanging over your head because of your snoring can evaporate today!

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