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How do you talk to your Partner about Snoring? By Paul Fulmer, MD

Snoring is such a disruptive force in a relationship. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that 23% of all couples in America don’t sleep together because of snoring! That’s appalling!! How can you get your partner’s attention about their snoring and how it’s disrupting your relationship?

First, the person snoring often doesn’t even know that they are. So gently letting them know that you were up most of last night because you couldn’t sleep is the first step.

Second, suggest that they try sleeping on their side, as this tends to make the noise decrease or go away. If that doesn’t work and you have to move to the other side of the house to get some sleep, they will get the message.

Often recording the offending partner is a good idea. They may truly have NO IDEA just how LOUD they really are! This often helps you get the discussion started. Like any “issue”, snoring is best addressed with open, non-confrontational conversation.

Luckily today you have options. If your partner just snores and is not stopping breathing, then there are several treatments available. The most popular is the “Pillar Procedure”. With this minimally invasive, in office procedure you can come in, be evaluated and have the procedure done all within an hour or less. Upon leaving, you get back to normal activity the same day. Really no down time. It’s amazing!!

Don’t continue to miss hours of sleep each night because you are afraid to talk about your partner’s snoring!! Give us a call 1-855-DR SNORE or visit our website, so we can help you get back to peaceful nights sleep again.

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