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How Snoring Affects Others

According to the Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning, the brain needs adequate sleep as much as it does food, water and air to function properly. If you’re snoring, or worse, suffering from sleep apnea, your sleep is no doubt being interrupted and affected adversely, sometimes without your even connecting the dots and realizing the cause of your daytime struggles. You may be sleepy and unfocused in your waking hours without even realizing that a good night’s sleep — without snoring and the tossing, turning and interruptions that accompany it — can cure your symptoms.

Now, the situation can get even worse if you sleep with a spouse or partner. Your snoring can also deprive that person of sleep, and the same causal observation by the Franklin Institute pertains here equally — that person’s brain can be affected as well by lack of proper rest. Your spouse or partner can end up battling sleep deprivation and the cognitive and other symptoms that accompany it just as much as you.

Snoring at night can ultimately lead to arguments, and in 80 percent of the cases (according to statistics) to the non-snoring sleepmate’s high-tailing it to another room for some restful, rejuvenating sleep. Obviously, one’s snoring can have a deep and lasting effect on one’s intimate relationships, forcing others utlimately to flee your nighttime presence.

Snoring, though a tricky subject in and of itself, is often more of an additional irritant when it comes to arguing. It gives the spouse or partner one more arrow for the quiver — or worse, for the bow. Snoring at night also generally leads to frayed nerves and less patience on the part of those affected. Thus small arguments can become big arguments when both sides are tired and out of sorts.

Snoring can be caused by a variety of factors. Obesity can lead to snoring problems, and high blood pressure can also be a cause of snoring. Sometimes, the problem relates to sleep apnea, a condition in which the sufferer faces regular lapses of breathing throughout the night, which in turn can lead to serious health problems.

Dairy products, spicy foods, chocolate, smoking and alcohol consumption can also lead to, or aggravate, snoring.

At any rate, there’s not much the sleepmate of a snorer can do except retire to another room and urge the snorer to get help. The rest is up to the person who’s snoring and causing the problems for himself or herself and his or her partner.

The first step in treating a snoring problem is to find out what’s causing it. Fortunately, medical science is on top of the issue.

The doctors at the Snoring Center are trained to diagnose and help you. First, you’ll often need a home sleep study, which, depending on your needs and circumstances, can even be done in your own home. From the results, the Snoring Center relies on all the most proven, safe and effective techniques and procedures to get your snoring under control.

The Snoring Center is committed to non-invasive techniques first, so you’ll no doubt be introduced to good sleep hygiene as a first step. Sleep hygiene means to make your sleeping circumstances — and ritual, if you choose to call it that — amenable to good sleeping. For instance, get rid of bedroom TVs and computers, since noise and light signal “stay awake” to the brain. Likewise, avoid caffeine beginning several hours before going to bed, likewise with alcohol. The center’s staff will itnroduce you to all other steps of good hygiene as well.

Beyond sleep hygiene, you may indeed need additional professional and medical help, and the Snoring Center relies on only the best time-tested, patient-proven and safest treatments and protocols, often involving quick laser procedures. Whatever the doctors determine you need to get your snoring to morph into a problem of the past, you can rest assured that the procedure will be perfectly tailored and perfectly safe for you.

The first step, of course, is to set up an appointment and come visit the Snoring Center. From there, you can evaluate the array of options presented you — and rest assured that you’re in the best of hands and a solution for your snoring is definitely within reach.

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