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Sleep Apnea Causes Depression By Paul Fulmer, MD

A recent study in the journal “Sleep” and then discussed in the NY Times shows that both men and women with sleep apnea have an increased risk of depression. Men with sleep apnea had twice the risk of developing depression while the women were at 5 times greater risk.

Even more surprising was that people who only “snorted or stopped breathing” on average 5 nights a week, but didn’t have sleep apnea, showed an increased risk of depression as well. Men with these symptoms had 5 times the risk, while women were twice as likely to develop depression. The study doesn’t go into why, but this is one more example of how sleep affects all aspects of our lives.

So, if you or your partner snore or have developed sleep apnea, consult your doctor. This could be a reason you have been more depressed lately. Improving your sleep could make all the difference. Call us today at The Snoring Center and let’s get you sleeping better. Good sleep is essential to good mental health!!

Sleep article abstract:

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