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Snoring is Embarrassing

It is estimated that 37 million American adults snore on a regular basis. That adds up to a lot of individuals who suffer from the ill-effects of snoring, not the least of which is embarrassment. Snoring occurs when the airway relaxes during sleep and causing vibrations in the nasal passages and throat. Snoring can be associated with colds and allergies, but can also be a sign of a more serious problem, like obstructive sleep apnea. At The Snoring Center, our board-certified physicians utilize a series of minimally invasive, office-based procedures to address the physiological issues that lead to snoring.

Aside from the obvious problems that can occur when the airway is restricted or even closed, there is also a destructive stigma associated with snoring. Sleeping partners of snorers lose, on average, one hour of sleep each night. That can lead to fatigue, arguments and an overall dissatisfaction with the relationship. It is sad to say, but snoring has even destroyed relationships.

And snoring is not a predominantly male issue. Sure, men over the age of 30 comprise the largest population of snorers, but once women reach menopause, they snore in the same numbers that men do. The stigma of snoring for men is bad enough, but it can be an unbearable badge of shame for a woman.

While there are a vast array of treatments aimed to reduce snoring (some proven, others not so much), The Snoring Center specializes in minimally invasive, office-based procedures to reduce the negative impacts of snoring on a long-term basis. In most case, our board certified physicians can diagnose, consult and treat a patient on the same day. The entire process usually takes less than an hour.

The advanced, minimally-invasive, office procedures we utilize include:

There is no need to suffer the ill-effects (and the embarrassment) of snoring. A lifetime of refreshing sleep is just an hour away. Call The Snoring Center to schedule a consultation. Stop the embarrassment. Get the rest you deserve. Enjoy your life!

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