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Snoring Solutions – Is there a cure for snoring?

Did you wake up again from a night of sleep and feel like you haven’t really gotten any rest?  Does your partner complain that they can’t sleep from your snoring?  These are two common issues associated with snoring.  Many times we see men who finally, begrudgingly, come into our offices, not because of their lack of sleep, but rather, their partner has demanded they get snoring help and find a snoring solution.

What is Snoring?

Snoring affects almost 90 million people throughout the United States.  With a number that broad, it’s important to define what snoring is.  According to the dictionary, to snore is “to breathe during sleep with harsh, snorting noises caused by the vibration of the soft palate.”  However, talk to your partner and “snorting noises” may be the least of the description you get.

Snoring may seem like a just a nuisance, but left unattended it can cause serious and long-term medical, physical and mental issues.  Finding a solution for snoring is imperative in that context.

Snoring Solutions

There are three common views when it comes to snoring solutions.  They are:

  • Lifestyle modification
  • Appliances
  • Surgery

We always start with and recommend lifestyle modifications as the easiest, fastest resolution to snoring.  Appliances can work, but many times they are a temporary solution instead of a long-term, sustainable option.  The Snoring Center’s approach to snoring solutions begins with education. Since every person is unique, there is no one solution that works for every snoring situation.

Our treatment plans utilize the most minimally invasive procedures as possible. Many times, our treatments can be completed in the office, on the same day of diagnosis and in less than an hour.  Snoring doesn’t have to be a problem for you or your loved ones. Treat it quickly and effectively. Contact The Snoring Center today.

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