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Snoring: the Destroyer of Relationships

Snoring isn’t good for anybody. Snorers often awake tired and bleary-eyed. Then they drag themselves sluggishly through the rest of the day. However, the true victim of snoring is most likely the sleeping partner of the snorer. On average, sleeping partners of snoring receive an hour less sleep each night than sleeping partners of non-snorers. And that’s just an average. Many sleeping partners of snorers get little-to-no sleep at all.

Snoring causes undue stress on relationships. Couples often complain of irritability, fatigue and even bitter resentment due to snoring. Does this sound familiar to you? Although one wouldn’t normally think of The Snoring Center as a resource for couples therapy, in a way, that is one of the key reasons patients come to us. Each year, we treat thousands of patients to provide them, and their sleeping partners, relief from problem snoring.

We begin by uncovering the base cause of the snoring. The anatomy of the mouth frequently determines a propensity for snoring. A low, thick soft palate can narrow the airway and lead to snoring. This can be exacerbated by being overweight which can lead to extra tissue in the back of the throat.

Nasal problems, such as chronic congestion or a deviated septum also can lead to snoring.
Obstructive sleep apnea is the most dangerous cause of snoring because throat tissues partially or completely block the airway and prevent breathing.

There are a variety of treatments for problem snoring and The Snoring Center utilizes the most effective minimally invasive procedures available. Most times, a problem snorer can meet with one of our trained physicians, receive a consultation on available procedures and receive treatment all in the same day. The entire process can take as little as one hour.
The in-office treatments we offer address several different causes of snoring. These treatments include:
• Pillar Procedure
• Turbinate Coblation
• Palate Coblation
• Laser Tonsillectomy
• Home Sleep Study
• Oral Appliances
• Surgery

Snoring should never be the cause of a failed relationship, especially when it can be diagnosed and treated in just an hour. If you snore and it is driving your sleeping partner crazy (or if you are the fed-up sleeping partner of a snorer), contact The Snoring Center today. Get the rejuvenating sleep you both deserve. Put some sanity back in your relationship.

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