My Wife And I Noticed An Improvement In My Snoring Right Away

“Working with The Snoring Center has been an extremely positive experience for my family and me. After an evaluation of my snoring and sleep apnea, Dr. Schwimmer was able to recommend an appropriate treatment (in my case, the Pillar Procedure). I expected to then schedule the procedure for a later time but discovered that it could be done immediately, right there in the office. The procedure itself took only about 15 minutes and was relatively painless (no worse than having a cavity filled). My wife and I noticed an improvement in my snoring right away. After several weeks, we were both sleeping better (and my wife no longer had to move to another room in the middle of the night). I still occasionally snore, but the volume (and frequency) of the snoring have dramatically improved since having the procedure, and the snoring is no longer a significant issue in our lives. Thank you, Snoring Center!”