My Quality Of Life Completely Changed When I Visited Dr. Schwimmer At The Snoring Center

“I have non-allergic rhinitis, which means my nose is basically always ‘stuffy’ and congested. Most allergy medications do not work for me…period! I’ve tried everything in the allergy/sinus isle at the drug store, and none of them worked for more than a few hours. After meeting with Dr. Schwimmer and his friendly staff, I realized I’ve been looking for relief in all the wrong places!

Dr. Schwimmer performed the Turbinate Reduction procedure, and in a mere ten minutes I was completely finished! I was amazed.

After the full recovery time, I could breathe without taking decongestants an/or using nasal spray. It was truly a gift from heaven. Thanks to the Snoring Center I am saving so much money, because I no longer have to make bi-weekly trips to the drug store for OTC medicine!”