Testimonials – Snoring

I Feel Great. My Wife Has Moved Back Into Our Bedroom

“I feel great. My wife has moved back into our bedroom. She said is so much quieter. I have another 2 month to heal and I am already feeling like a new man.”

Bill W.

This Was Worth Every Penny

“This was worth every penny; I sleep much better and without running the wife out of the room.”

Randy S.

I Was Shocked That We Saw Results So Quickly

“In the last few years, my husband developed a snoring problem that started out as an annoyance and quickly escalated into a condition that affected sleep for both of us. When we finally sought help from The Snoring Center, I was sleeping in a separate room most nights – just so I could get some rest! Within days of the procedure, my husband’s snoring improved dramatically! I was shocked that we saw results so quickly. After months of restless nights, I was back sleeping in the same bed with my husband – it was so nice to have a normal nighttime routine again. We are grateful to Dr. Schwimmer and The Snoring Center for the effective treatment, outstanding patient follow-up and (most importantly) helping us find a snoring solution that really worked!”

Laurie K.

It Was Much Less Drastic (And Expensive) Than The Surgery Another Physician Had Recommended

“The treatment I received at The Snoring Center has been quite successful. According to my wife, my snoring has reduced by 90%. In addition, it was much less drastic (and expensive) than the surgery another physician had recommended. My wife and I are extremely pleased.”

Dr. Jason D.

My Wife And I Noticed An Improvement In My Snoring Right Away

“Working with The Snoring Center has been an extremely positive experience for my family and me. After an evaluation of my snoring and sleep apnea, Dr. Schwimmer was able to recommend an appropriate treatment (in my case, the Pillar Procedure). I expected to then schedule the procedure for a later time but discovered that it could be done immediately, right there in the office. The procedure itself took only about 15 minutes and was relatively painless (no worse than having a cavity filled). My wife and I noticed an improvement in my snoring right away. After several weeks, we were both sleeping better (and my wife no longer had to move to another room in the middle of the night). I still occasionally snore, but the volume (and frequency) of the snoring have dramatically improved since having the procedure, and the snoring is no longer a significant issue in our lives. Thank you, Snoring Center!”

John K.

It Was Painless – No Worse Than A Trip To The Dentist

“Having had a snoring problem for the past 10 years, I would often wake myself and my wife up at night. Needless to say, neither of us were getting much rest. I received treatment at The Snoring Center, and it was painless – no worse than a trip to the dentist. Within 3 weeks, my snoring was reduced by 95%. I now feel rested, and my wife and I no longer have interrupted sleep. I have recommended this procedure to my friends and acquaintances.”

Bob W.

…My Snoring Has Become Very Tolerable And My Choking Episodes Have Gone Way

“Before coming to the Snoring Center, I was told that I snored very loud and it was so bad that I would start choking. After I had the Pillar Procedure done, I’m told that my snoring has become very tolerable and my choking episodes have gone way. Thanks to the Snoring Center, I now have restful nights.”

Sammie U.

I Thought The Snoring Didn’t Bother Me Until I Stopped

“I initially had the procedure for my wife, because the snoring didn’t bother me—so I thought. I now wake up on my own at 5:30am, an hour and a half earlier than the past 10 years. I now have an extra 10+ hours per week awake. I thought the snoring didn’t bother me until I stopped.Thank you Snoring Center!”

Michael W.

I Can Sleep Next To My Husband Again!

Marsha L.

Your Treatment Definitely Improved My Snoring Situation

“Your treatment definitely improved my snoring situation. As a lifelong heavy snorer, your treatment made a noticeable improvement. Thank you”

Thod K.

My Snoring And Sleep Apnea Has Improved 95%

“My Snoring and sleep apnea has improved 95% after a visit to The Snoring Center. I’ve had more traumas at the dentist”

Fienn S.

I Had A Miraculous Turn Around After The Pillar Procedure

“I had a miraculous turn around after having the Pillar Procedure at The Snoring Center. I am so pleased that I am sending some of my employees to visit you.”

Jason C.

Unaided, Mrs. Melissa Lynn R. Reported Last Night That Her Spouse’s Snoring Is At Least 80% Better

Richard R.

…Sleeping Next To A Sawmill Is A Thing Of The Past

“Waking up for work at 3:00 a.m. is hard enough. When someone else’s snoring affects your sleep, it’s even harder. I called The Snoring Center to help silence the snoring that was keeping me up nights. Luckily, they are the nation’s leading provider of minimally invasive, office-based treatments. Now things are much better and the feeling that I am sleeping next to a sawmill is a thing of the past.”

Gordon Keith – Radio Personality

Now I Sleep Better And Feel Even Healthier

“Snoring left me feeling sluggish and less fit than a fitness expert should. I called The Snoring Center, and after a quick 5-minute procedure, I was back to feeling like myself. Now I sleep better and feel even healthier.”

Larry North – Fitness Guru

It’s Improved Our Relationship, Too. He’s Quite Pleasant These Days

“Before Tim had the Pillar Procedure, I never had a good night’s sleep, both because of his snoring and because I had to listen for him to stop breathing. It was rough on the kids too, because he was cranky 24/7. And he was so tired all the time. After he had the procedure, we saw an immediate improvement. His breathing was better, as was the snoring. It’s improved our relationship, too. He’s quite pleasant these days.”

Carol J.

Thank You For Changing My Life

“I can’t believe that my snoring is now minimal!! It’s good to know that my freight train or diesel garbage truck noise is gone! Thank you for changing my life.”

Barb C.

Thanks For Helping Me Get A Good Night’s Sleep..

“I wanted to update you on my husband. His snoring is SOOOOO much better. Thanks for helping me to get a good night’s sleep, and not feel like we are taking off in an airplane — all night long. God bless you and your staff.”

Bert K.

I Was Complication Free And Fully Recovered The Next Day!

“My physician listened to me attentively and provided findings of his medical exam right then and there. I was able to make an informed decision and go through with the Pillar Procedure, right away in the same visit.
The procedure took less than 10 minutes without any major discomfort or complications. With the proper pre- and post-medications, I was complication free and fully recovered the next day! I look forward to nights of restful sleep with no disturbance to my partner’s sleep.”

Pedram P.

I Highly Recommend The Snoring Center!

These procedures helped tremendously with my snoring and overall breathing. I highly recommend the Snoring Center!

David L.

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  • After A Week, I Could Already Feel Big Improvements

    “I’ve always had large tonsils, but recently they became a big problem for me. I had Laser Tonsillectomy to reduce the size of my tonsils, and the results are great. The procedure was not a big deal and over before I knew it. I went to a Mexican restaurant directly after my procedure and ate chips and tacos. And, after a week, I could already feel big improvements.”

    - Justin L.

  • I Was Way Past The Normal Age For A Tonsillectomy, And I Was Skeptical About The Laser Procedure

    “The Snoring Center has improved my quality of life. After numerous episodes of tonsillitis, I was searching for anything to help. I was way past the normal age for a tonsillectomy, and I was skeptical about the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure. However, Dr. Schwimmer and the entire staff at The Snoring Center were very nice and professional and made the entire process fast and relatively pain free. I experienced very little discomfort during the procedure and very minor pain afterwards. Within a few hours, I was eating normal food. The best part is that since the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure I have not had a single episode of tonsillitis or even a sore throat. Thank you Snoring Center!”

    - Daniel A.

  • I Can Breathe Through My Nose For The First Time In 16 Years

    “My nasal allergies are so bad that it is debilitating. I love outdoor activities, but often I can’t partake or I pay the price. I heard about turbinate reduction at The Snoring Center and that it can help with nasal allergy symptoms. For me it has done much more than “help”, I can breathe through my nose for the first time in 16 years. This really is life changing. Thank you!”

    - Ryan W.

  • The Entire Procedure Took Only About 10 Minutes. But, It Changed My Life

    “I have suffered all of my life from nasal allergies. I meet with clients all day and allergy season is awful. It is embarrassing to continually blow my nose and sniffle during meetings. Not to mention the expense of regular doctor’s visits and daily medication. I was happy to have Turbinate Reduction at The Snoring Center. The entire procedure took only about 10 minutes, but it changed my life. Thank you Snoring Center.”

    - Kelly F.

  • It Truly Was A Life-Changing Experience

    “Turbinate Reduction not only helped my allergies but also my sinus headaches. This changed my life from someone who has had allergies since I was five years old to someone who is allergy-free. I would like to thank Dr. Schwimmer for all he has done for me. It truly was a life-changing experience.”

    - John B.