Stop Snoring. Sleep Better.

A Kernel of Truth By Craig Schwimmer, MD

Over the years, I have found that even the most ridiculous health claims tend to stem from some small kernel of truth. Take this “Overnight Diet”, whereby you lose weight just by sleeping, and are not required to exercise. In my opinion, this is just wishful thinking  – after all, wouldn’t it be amazing if excess weight really would magically come off just by sleeping! But the idea is based upon a kernel of truth: adequate sleep is essential to weight loss. The disconnect, of course, is that good sleep is necessary, but not sufficient, for weight loss. A successful weight loss program consists of a healthy diet, a reasonable amount of exercise, and adequate sleep. As important as sleep may be to a successful weight loss program (and it really is important), it is just one leg of a tripod.  All three elements are required for a successful outcome. So if you are trying to lose weight, by all means get your rest. But eat a little better, and get a little more exercise, too. That’s the real deal.–abc-news-health.html

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