Stop Snoring. Sleep Better.

Happy Belated Birthday Tom Cruise!

Now get out of the snoratorium and back in your own bed.

We’ve focused a lot lately on the effect snoring has on relationships. At best, it can be a hindrance. At worst, a deal breaker. Many of us are familiar with the feelings associated with a snoring partner – resentment, sadness, anger, frustration. Turns out, we’re not the only ones.

Recently, an article in the London Telegraph detailed a rising trend in the celebrity community – the construction of “snoratoria.” The latest to jump on the trend is famed actor, Tom Cruise. Word has it the newly married 49 year old just built a state of the art snoratorium in his lavish Beverly Hills home he shares with wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri.

We’re sure the room is decked out to the nine’s but regardless of the celebrity touch it doesn’t change the fact that a husband is removed from his wife. No doubt Mr. Cruise can afford to build quite a few more snoratoria, but that’s not really the point, is it? There’s no price that can be put on time spent with those you love, and for married couples, let’s face it – time in bed together is good.

With that in mind, we’re offering Mr. Cruise a belated birthday present – the chance to reclaim his life and spot in the bedroom. So Tom, please – stop by one of our offices. It won’t take long, our treatments don’t hurt, and you and Katie will both be glad you did. As you so eloquently stated yourself, “Help me, help you!!”

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