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Sinus Problems and Snoring

If you’re prone to sinus problems, allergies, sinusitis and the like — and you snore — you may be suffering from blockage of the turbinates in the nasal passage.

Swollen or blocked turbinates in the nose can cause difficulty breathing, which in turn can also cause snoring and various recurring sinus problems such as those mentioned above, plus running noses and the like. The effect while sleeping can be similar to mild sleep apnea. Breathing is obstructed, and as a result, you often awake in the morning un-rested and feel dog tired all day.

Problems with the turbinates can come from birth or from infections, but chronic breathing problems caused by turbinate obstruction are most worrisome from a sleep/wakefulness standpoint.

Fortunately, modern science has advanced to the point that blocked turbinates can be quickly diagnosed and fixed (opened) through an office procedure known as Turbinate Coblation.

Oversized or chronically swollen turbinates can obstruct breathing and increase nasal congestion. Coblation Turbinate Reduction can help:

  • Treat severe or chronic nasal allergies
  • Relieve nasal congestion and drainage
  • Reduce sinus-related snoring
  • Improve breathing

The board certified physicians at The Snoring Center can quickly determine if you are a candidate for Turbinate Coblation. If so, a quick and painless 20-minute office procedure will yield years of relief.

(One way to tell if there is a blockage in one nasal passage is to pinch shut one nostril and then breathe through the other nostril with the mouth shut. Then do the same with the other nostril. If one is obstructed, it will be clear from the experience. However, if both are blocked, it may be harder to determine if you have a turbinate problem. A doctor’s exam is always the best route.)

Here’s how Turbinate Coblation works: After the nose is numbed, a coblation wand is inserted into the turbinate. The wand emits radio frequency energy, which shrinks the turbinates one by one. This relieves nasal obstruction and improves nasal breathing.

No more tossing, turning sleepless nights as you gasp for breath. No more daytime fatigue. Get evaluated today if you think you have a snoring and/or nasal problem. Turbinate Coblation may be the key to your renewed energy and relief from sinus problems.

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