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Spring Forward…UGH!! By Paul Fulmer, MD


We all look forward to this time of year.  Trees budding, flowers blooming and the weather changing from the grey of winter to the bright colors of SPRING!

As much as I love the change of the seasons, the one thing I don’t like is “loosing an hour of sleep!”  I know we get more daylight in the evening and longer days, but I just love my sleep!!  Don’t you?

If you are having trouble with your sleep patterns, disruptive sleep or even signs of snoring and sleep apnea, this will often exaggerate your tiredness symptoms.  Moving the clock forward can really affect your energy level, especially if you already are not getting good sleep. 

So, if you can’t seem to bounce back this week after adjusting the clock, then ask your partner if you have the following symptoms.  Snoring, restless sleep, trouble concentrating or even gasping or choking at night!  You may have developed sleep disordered breathing.

Whether just snoring or a progression to sleep apnea, sleep disordered breathing can come on gradually over years.  Therefore, we often don’t realize that we are gradually getting less and less sleep.  That is why a sudden change in your internal clock can make it more apparent.

So get outside and enjoy the Spring!  But if you can’t seem to shake off the tiredness associated with changing your clock, then give us a call.  You may have gradually developed a problem with your sleep and WE can Help!!  Our goal at The Snoring Center is to help you get better sleep.

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