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Because weight plays such an important role in snoring and sleep apnea, I spend a fair bit of time counseling patients about weight loss. Yesterday, I saw a fellow for a three month follow up appointment. At his previous visit, we had discussed the need for a better diet and more physical activity, if he was to achieve his weight loss goals. In the intervening three months, he said that he had been eating better and exercising more. But he had gained 15 pounds! How could that be? I asked him what he had had for breakfast. “Yogurt and a granola bar”, he said, pleased with his smart food choices. “What type of yogurt”, I asked? “Brand Y” strawberry, he said. So we looked up the sugar content of his “yogurt”, and he was surprised to learn that he could have had a big fat slice of cake and consumed less sugar. Same thing with his “healthy” granola bar. Caveat emptor, indeed.

There is significant research supporting the notion that it is our consumption of excess sugar that is causing our epidemic of obesity. It is estimated that the average American adult consumes between 80 and 100 pounds of added sugar each year! For many, that hidden sugar is the cause of weight gain. My advice to patients? Pay close attention to what you eat, because many “healthy foods” simply aren’t.

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