Stop Snoring. Sleep Better.

You Do Not have to Snore in Norwalk

Snoring has a miserable cycle: restless nights followed by exhausting days. Problem snoring prevents the snorer from getting needed, refreshing sleep. Snorers frequently suffer from daytime fatigue as a result. This can lead to difficulties in remaining alert during awake hours. In fact, snorers are more prone to accidents caused by drowsiness. Of course, snoring doesn’t only affect the snorer. It is every bit as debilitating to the snorer’s sleeping partner. Studies have shown that snorer’s sleeping partners get an average of one hour’s less sleep each night than the sleeping partners of non-snorers.  The board certified physicians at The Snoring Center’s Norwalk offices effectively treat problem snoring…and in the process, radically change the lifestyles of their patients.

By using the latest, proven procedures, we can address the root causes of snoring. Many other so-called snoring treatments (chin straps, anti-snoring pillows, pills and nasal strips), try to address the snoring without taking into account the physical problems that cause snoring. At The Snoring Center, we examine patients and help them choose the best course of action for their specific situation. The entire process is quick and convenient. Our doctors can diagnose, consult and treat the snorer on the same day, often in less than an hour. In many cases, our patients walk out of our offices never to be plagued by snoring issues again.

All of our procedures, although technically advanced, are minimally invasive and simple for the patient. Treatments are performed in office and our patients can return to work immediately. The procedures and treatments we offer include:

·       Pillar Procedure

·       Coblation Turbinate Reduction

·       Palate Coblation

·       RFA

·       Laser Tonsillectomy

·       Home Sleep Study

·       Oral Appliances

·       Snoring Surgery

·       CPAP

Given our proven track record of success, we think it is tragic for anyone to suffer the ill effects of snoring. Our methods are so sound that many of our patients are physicians themselves. At The Snoring Center’s Norwalk office, we take rational, responsible approach to treating our patients. Get significant relief from your snoring today. Schedule a consultation at The Snoring Center.

Your Doctor: Andrew J Parker, MD, Medical Director – Norwalk, CT

Andrew J. Parker, MD, is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist in Norwalk, CT. Dr. Parker is also the Chief of the Department of Ear Nose & Throat – Head & Neck Surgery at Norwalk Hospital. He was recently honored by the prestigious Castle Connolly’s highly selective Top Doctor’s Directory. He has also been on CT Magazine’s Top Doc list every year since 2008. When not practicing medicine, Dr. Parker enjoys being a lead singer in two local Fairfield County rock ‘n roll bands (DNR and VERTIGO), and spending time with his wife and their two children.


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