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EMFs and Sleep

Poor sleep and/or lack of sleep can lead to many unhealthful outcomes, including heart disease, stomach ulcers, constipation and mood disorders like depression.  In addition, interrupted or impaired sleep can dramatically weaken your immune system, accelerate tumor growth, cause a pre-diabetic state leading to unnecessary hunger, seriously impair your memory, and decrease your problem-solving and mental functioning abilities.

Now if those consequences haven’t scared you enough into seeking professional help, consider this: The modern home can be one of the worst enemies to your healthful, sound sleeping because of electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) generated by electrical devices.

The problem is that EMFs can disrupt the pineal gland and the production of melatonin and serotonin. When these hormones are compromised, not only does your sleep suffer but your ability to fight tumors is also affected because melatonin helps suppress free radicals that can lead to cancer.

So in addition to the sleep hygiene tips we gave you in our last post, you may want to consider the impact of EMFs on your sleep and your health. To measure EMFs in your home, you’ll need to purchase a gauss meter ($50 to $200), but there are practical steps you can take without making that investment and studying proper levels of EMFs at night.

Studies have shown that exposure to nighttime magnetic fields is associated with less total sleep time, more wake time and less sleep efficiency. (Sleep efficiency is the total sleep time divided by time in bed.) Extensive EMF sleep research was conducted and reported upon by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Some sleep experts have gone so far as to recommend turning off the home’s circuit breakers at night so that no electro-magnetic fields are generated. This may seem a bit extreme, but at the very least you should consider moving all electrical devices several feet from where you sleep, including your alarm clock (at least three feet away).

This is in addition to turning off the more obviously intrusive devices such as television, cell phones, tablets and other electronic instruments that can interfere with your sleep. The EMFs may not be as obvious, but they too can disrupt and ruin your night’s sleep, so examine your sleeping quarters and move EMF-generating devices far away from your bed.

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