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Over the years, The Snoring Center has helped thousands of patients with minimally invasive solutions for snoring, sleep apnea, nasal allergies, and tonsillitis. Many of them write us to tell us how treatment has changed and improved their lives.

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The Snoring Center relies on a third party platform called TrustPilot to survey patients after treatment. We do not pay for reviews and are unable to compensate you for your feedback. We do not manipulate reviews and are unable to hide negative reviews. For this reason, TrustPilot is trusted by Google as an independent review site and our reviews can show in Google and on Google Ads. We encourage you to review our company and share your experience with others.

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We realize you want to research our company and competition on multiple sites. To make it easier, we have highlighted reviews on other platforms.


As of 2018, Google has removed anonymous reviews and requires a Google account, which could be a Gmail, YouTube or Google+ account to write and leave a review. Fake and spam reviews are further monitored and removed by Google. The Snoring Center is proud of our 4.6 out of 5 star rating from more than 100 patients!

Health Grades

Dr. Craig Schwimmer, MD is featured on HealthGrades.com with 4.1 stars from 35 unique reviews as of August 2018. Unlike other review sites, HealthGrades verifies phone numbers of patients and confirms their identity.


Vitals is another medical review site that verifies users before publishing feedback. All reviews listed are past patients and overall, The Snoring Center has a 3.9 out of 5 stars on Vitals.com. We are further proud of our achievements on Vitals and have received multiple awards in 2018!Vitals Awards


Although it is an employee review site, our team loves working at The Snoring Center! Even as a patient, trust in knowing our administrative staff to our doctors enjoy helping patients.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is one of the original complaint sites online although it is not a popular platform for reviews. As of August 2018, The Snoring Center has a A+ on BBB.org due to 1 complaint in the last three years. We have responded to this feedback.


The Snoring Center is on Yelp and only has 15 reviews showing and calculated in our review score as of March 2019. However, we actually have 110 reviews that are hidden by Yelp! Yelp’s algorithm hides reviews for many reasons and can’t be controlled by The Snoring Center. One of the reasons is for not being an “active” Yelper!

Here are the Facts on Our Yelp Rating

  • Including all 110 “hidden reviews” and 9 visible reviews gives The Snoring Center a 4.05 average rating out of 5 stars!
  • These hidden reviews are not old. In 2018, we received a 4.1 average out of 5 stars from 17 patients.
  • The Snoring Center cannot hide reviews on Yelp. We would prefer to show all reviews as we have received positive feedback since 2010.
  • Advertising on Yelp does not give us any further control over our rating.
  • We do not recommend patients leave feedback on Yelp as Yelp has chosen to hide 110 reviews!

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  • After A Week, I Could Already Feel Big Improvements

    “I’ve always had large tonsils, but recently they became a big problem for me. I had Laser Tonsillectomy to reduce the size of my tonsils, and the results are great. The procedure was not a big deal and over before I knew it. I went to a Mexican restaurant directly after my procedure and ate chips and tacos. And, after a week, I could already feel big improvements.”

    - Justin L.

  • I Was Way Past The Normal Age For A Tonsillectomy, And I Was Skeptical About The Laser Procedure

    “The Snoring Center has improved my quality of life. After numerous episodes of tonsillitis, I was searching for anything to help. I was way past the normal age for a tonsillectomy, and I was skeptical about the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure. However, Dr. Schwimmer and the entire staff at The Snoring Center were very nice and professional and made the entire process fast and relatively pain free. I experienced very little discomfort during the procedure and very minor pain afterwards. Within a few hours, I was eating normal food. The best part is that since the Laser Tonsillectomy procedure I have not had a single episode of tonsillitis or even a sore throat. Thank you Snoring Center!”

    - Daniel A.

  • I Can Breathe Through My Nose For The First Time In 16 Years

    “My nasal allergies are so bad that it is debilitating. I love outdoor activities, but often I can’t partake or I pay the price. I heard about turbinate reduction at The Snoring Center and that it can help with nasal allergy symptoms. For me it has done much more than “help”, I can breathe through my nose for the first time in 16 years. This really is life changing. Thank you!”

    - Ryan W.

  • The Entire Procedure Took Only About 10 Minutes. But, It Changed My Life

    “I have suffered all of my life from nasal allergies. I meet with clients all day and allergy season is awful. It is embarrassing to continually blow my nose and sniffle during meetings. Not to mention the expense of regular doctor’s visits and daily medication. I was happy to have Turbinate Reduction at The Snoring Center. The entire procedure took only about 10 minutes, but it changed my life. Thank you Snoring Center.”

    - Kelly F.

  • It Truly Was A Life-Changing Experience

    “Turbinate Reduction not only helped my allergies but also my sinus headaches. This changed my life from someone who has had allergies since I was five years old to someone who is allergy-free. I would like to thank Dr. Schwimmer for all he has done for me. It truly was a life-changing experience.”

    - John B.