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Spring Allergies: Who Needs ‘Em?

Allergy season is here. Ugh! Say hello to days of congestion and difficulty breathing through your nose. And the nights are even worse. Allergies can cause nasal blockages and create or exacerbate snoring. This makes for fitful nights for both snorers and their sleeping partners.  Americans spend billions on “natural allergy remedies,” which have varying levels of success depending on the individual situation.  However, no natural remedy can address a nasal blockage due to a physical deformity.  This is why The Snoring Center treats so many patients with allergy problems. A long-term solution is rarely available with an over-the-counter product.

The list of these products or remedies is long when facing spring allergies (or any allergies). Let’s take a look at the more common options:

  • Neti Pots: For cleaning out the sinuses and removing unwanted debris.
  • Saline spray: See above.
  • Local honey: Honey made from local bees includes local pollen, which is the cause of allergies.  Ingesting honey made by these bees may build a resistance to the inflammation caused by breathing this pollen into the respiratory system.
  • HEPA filters: These are highly engineered filters designed to eliminate unwanted particles from your home’s HVAC system.
  • Herbs and Supplements: Many of these products claim to reduce irritation in the nasal passages to assuage allergy problems.
  • Showering:  Hot showers can loosen dried mucous in the nasal passages, but they will not prevent the build-up of eventual blockages in the nasal passages.
  • Steam: See “Showering” above.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Believed by many to alleviate allergy symptoms, although there no clinical studies to prove these claims.
  • Spicy Food: many believe that the “heat” in spicy foods loosens blockages in the nasal passages.

Unfortunately, none of these solutions actively addresses a long-term solution to allergy problems…specifically nasal congestion.

For troublesome nasal congestion, office based Coblation Turbinate Reduction can be a remarkably effective solution. A simple, painless 20-minute procedure that shrinks some of the soft tissues inside the nose, Coblation Turbinate Reduction can offer years of relief from nasal congestion, pressure, and drainage.

Turbinate Coblation offers immediate and dramatic results in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea and can also offer significant relief from chronic nasal allergies.

The turbinates are found inside the nose. Swollen turbinates can cause pressure, congestion and difficulty breathing. Coblation turbinate reduction shrinks the turbinates providing years of relief from nasal allergy symptoms.

Oversized or chronically swollen turbinates can obstruct breathing and increase nasal congestion. Coblation Turbinate Reduction can help:

  • Treat severe or chronic nasal allergies
  • Relieve nasal congestion & drainage
  • Reduce sinus-related snoring
  • Improve breathing

If you think turbinate coblation might be an effective solution for you, please contact any of The Snoring Center offices throughout the country. Our trained staff can perform a quick consultation and our procedures can often be performed in our offices on the same day of the consultation.

Stop letting your spring allergies (or any) get the best of you.  Contact The Snoring Center today.

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