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Does FALL have you ALL STOPPED UP? By Paul Fulmer, MD

As delightful as the cool fall weather may be, for so many of us of us, these cooler temperatures spell just one thing: nasal allergies. Pamela McClendon was one of those people. Her allergies left her always feeling congested, stuffy and miserable. She had tried all sorts of remedies – nasal sprays, antihistamines, decongestants – you name it, she tried it. Still she suffered. But after a visit to the Snoring Center, she decided to try the Turbinate Coblation procedure to help decrease the nasal symptoms she was always fighting.

Now she can BREATH!! As she puts it: “I just still can’t get over how easy it was!! Now I can breath even while exercising! It’s just amazing!!”

(Turbinate Coblation is a simple and essentially painless in office procedure that takes less than 20 minutes and can open up your nasal airway FAST!! By using radio frequency technology, we are able to shrink the nasal tissues in such a way to give you years of improvement in your nasal breathing)!

How great would it be to finally breath through your nose AGAIN!! Check it out on line at and then give us a call (1-855-DrSnore) and let us get you breathing through your nose today!!

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