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How the Pillar Procedure works

The Pillar Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that can effectively treat snoring, and is also FDA approved to treat mild -to–moderate sleep apnea.

So how does it work, magic?

No – Science. It works by stiffening the soft palate (the roof of the mouth). Vibration of the soft palate is one of the primary causes of snoring and sleep apnea, so stiffening the soft palate can be very effective and help you stop snoring.

Why this? What’s different?

Otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors) have used a variety of techniques to stiffen the soft palate over the past 40 years. All of these older techniques have worked by damaging the tissue. Damaging tissue causes scar formation, and since scar tissue is stiff, it vibrates less – reducing snoring and apnea. But damaging tissue hurts.

While the Pillar Procedure also works by inducing scar formation, it does so in a non-destructive manner.


That means the Pillar Procedure doesn’t need to damage your tissue to cause scar formation. Instead, it works by placing small woven implants inside the soft palate. These implants (which are really nothing more than specialized stitches) cause the body to form scar tissue.

Because the Pillar Procedure works in a non-destructive fashion, it doesn’t have many of the downsides of older stiffening techniques, and has become, for many snoring specialists, the preferred method of palatal stiffening. It’s proven effective to help you stop snoring, and get back to that precious sleep we all deserve.

Watch how the Pillar Procedure helped this couple get back the opportunity to sleep in the same room again.

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