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San Francisco is Sleeping Better Thanks to The Pillar® Procedure

If you suffer from problem snoring, you have likely heard of dozens of various treatments and gimmicks to prevent snoring. They vary greatly in cost, effectiveness and safety. If your snoring is problematic enough to be classified as obstructive sleep apnea, you need to examine the various forms of treatment and seek help. At The Snoring Center’s San Francisco office, we utilize a variety of proven procedures to treat snoring and sleep apnea. Of these, The Pillar® Procedure is one of our most effective and popular treatment methods.

With The Pillar® Procedure, our board certified physicians insert tiny implants into the soft palate. These implants stiffen the soft palate, which is a significant contributor for at least 80 percent of people who snore. This stiffening of the palate reduces the tissue vibrations that cause snoring. The procedure is safe and simple and in many cases it can provide significant relief to people who suffer from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Our physicians can diagnose, consult and treat patient on the same day. If The Pillar® Procedure is chosen as the proper method of treatment, the doctor can perform the procedure in approximately 20 minutes using only a local anesthetic. Our patients can immediately return to work.

Currently, the preferred treatment for sleep apnea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), but many patients find the breathing mask to be uncomfortable and they are incapable of sleeping while wearing it. The Pillar® Procedure provides a comfortable alternative to CPAP.

Of course, The Pillar® Procedure is only one of the minimally invasive advanced treatments we utilize at The Snoring Center. The other proven treatments we utilize include:
• Coblation Turbinate Reduction
• Palate Coblation
• Laser Tonsillectomy
• Home Sleep Study
• Oral Appliances
• Snoring Surgery

At The Snoring Center’s San Francisco office, we are committed to providing long-term relief to our patients. More often than not, the relief they receive is life-altering. Stop suffering from the harmful effects of snoring now. Call The Snoring Center’s San Francisco offices to schedule a consultation. You could be sleeping better tonight.

Your doctor: Michael Macdonald, MD, FACS, FRCSC, Medical Director – San Francisco, CA

Dr. Macdonald, having participated in clinical trials with snoring device manufacturers, is passionate about keeping up with the newest options for snoring relief. Dr. Macdonald knows that a complete cure is still elusive for most snoring sufferers. Dr. Macdonald is considered a pioneer of minor surgical procedures for snoring relief since and given his depth of experience in administering the Pillar® Procedure with high success rates, he has been asked to teach specialists in the USA and Canada to perform this procedure since 2005.

As an ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialist, Dr. Macdonald has had highly-focused training in the following areas resolving both nasal and oral airway issues, remedying a wide range of nasal conditions negatively impacting breathing and/or smell, and reconstructing the nose from the inside out, to ensure optimum form and function.

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