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Are you embarrassed by your snoring?

Snoring is EmbarrassingTHIS is Embarrassing…

Health risks aside, snoring can be downright humiliating. At The Snoring Center, we have seen practically every type of snoring malady. Each case is unusual, however, almost every snoring problem carries an underlying sense of shame in the snoring sufferer…and the snorer is rarely ever the lone sufferer.

Sleeping partners bear the brunt of the irritating noise and can be constantly deprived of needed rest. Or imagine, as hunting season continues, having to share the cabin with all of your friends and keeping everyone awake.  For the snorer, having to face a sleeping partner in the morning and asking the question, “Was my snoring bad again last night?” can become a humiliating ritual. Even more daunting is hearing an answer of “yes, you did.”

Snoring can lead to stress in relationships and not just with sleeping partners. For starters, severe snoring can prevent others in the household from sleeping. Yes, even those sleeping in distant parts of the home.  Moreover, when the relationship sleeping partners deteriorates, it can have a residual effect on family, friends, and colleagues.  No one enjoys being the company of a pair who are obviously stressed. When the embarrassment of snoring leaks out of the privacy of home into our public relationship, it is time to take action.

Snoring solutions come in many forms. Some are proven while others are not. There are anti-snoring devices as well as procedures to address snoring issues. The cost and success of these alternatives vary greatly as well. These solutions include:

  • Mouthpieces – These can be generic, over the counter products to custom-fitted molds designed to promote a healthier sleeping position. The results can be effective although comfort is a common concern.
  • Chin straps – These are also designed to promote a better sleeping posture.  Comfort and success are often determined by the type of material used in the strap. Results are mixed.
  • Pillows – These are designed to position the head so that the airway is kept open.  These produce limited results.
  • Nasal Devices – These range from nasal strips to devices inserted into the nasal passages. These are designed to help those who snore to due to nasal obstruction.  As such, they work for a limited number of snorers.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device – This is the preferred treatment for sleep apnea. Unfortunately, many patients can’t tolerate the mask.
  • Sprays and Pills – Typically, these are homeopathic remedies designed to thin mucus and/or reduce inflammation. They do not address the base causes of snoring, however.
  • Surgery  – Surgeries designed to treat snoring range from minimally invasive procedures to more involved procedures. These can be more expensive than other options, but they address the specific situation of each patient. Surgery is usually intended to be a long-term, permanent solution to snoring.
  • Other Devices – There are many gimmicks that claim to cure snoring. Anti-snoring watches and anti-snoring jewelry are among this group. The majority of these products are un-tested and should be considered only with prudent caution.

Once again, snoring is a serious problem. If snoring is disturbing your sleep as well as those around you, the best course of action is to consult a physician. A quick examination should be effective in determining the cause of your snoring and the best plan of action for your specific situation. This is what we do every day at the Snoring Center. Our experienced physicians and staff can quickly help you assess your situation and determine the best solution for you.  Should you require surgery, our minimally invasive procedures can be done in our office usually on the same day of diagnosis.  Contact the Snoring Center today.





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