Stop Snoring. Sleep Better.

Southern California’s Answer to Problem Snoring

What word do you most associate with snoring? The snorer might say “tired” or “embarrassing.” The snorer’s sleeping partner might say “annoying.” A doctor might say “life-threatening.”

Snoring is a problem.

At The Snoring Center in Beverly Hills, we treat snoring as a serious problem capable of negatively impacting both physical and mental health. It can also destroy relationships.

Our predominant areas of focus include snoring, sleep apnea and allergies. Why? Because these three are commonly related and they pose a serious threat when not treated properly.

There is strong evidence that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) increases one’s risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and other diseases. It also increases your chances of dying earlier.

New studies have shown that habitual snoring, even without sleep apnea, can increase your chances of stroke and premature death. So, even “simple snoring” should be evaluated and treated whenever possible.

Our experienced, professional staff is superb at diagnosing snoring problems and treating them quickly and effectively. In fact, most of our treatments can be performed in our office on the same day as the diagnosis.

Our arsenal of treatments includes the most proven, minimally invasive procedures available. These include:

  • Pillar Procedure – The Pillar Procedure is an effective treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, with small woven implants inserted into the soft palate to improve airflow.
  • Turbinate Coblation – A quick, painless office based procedure to provide relief from congestion, pressure and drainage associated with nasal allergies.
  • Palate Coblation – A fast, affordable procedure that stiffens the soft palate and provide years of relief from disruptive snoring.
  • RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation)
  • Laser Tonsillectomy
  • Oral Appliances

Our additional services and treatments include;

  • Home Sleep Study
  • Surgery
  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

Meet Your Doctor: Marc Kayem, MD, Medical Director, Beverly Hills CA

Dr. Kayem is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist with over 20 years of experience, 13 of which have been spent in private practice in Southern California. Dr. Kayem has been involved in minimally invasive treatment of snoring and sleep apnea for several years and is a recognized leader in his field. A graduate of The University of Ottawa, he completed his otolaryngology training at The University of Montreal under the guidance of some of the leading clinicians in his field. Dr. Kayem is also a Fellow at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in Canada.

Dr. Kayem currently serves as a Team Physician for the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League.

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