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Silent Nights – Stop snoring Sleep Better By Paul Fulmer, MD

This month the Galveston Daily News’ Costal Magazine has an article discussing the benefits of a “Silent Night” this holiday season. Kinds of a fun play on words, as it’s about snoring and sleep apnea.  However, this is no laughing matter.  Studies show that up to two thirds of those snoring can have some form of sleep apnea.  Dr. Farrah Siddiqui, MD of UTMB Galveston acknowledges that sleep apnea is a serious health issue and the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the most effective treatment.  The problem is that the majority of those who attempt to use it just can’t tolerate it! So despite their doctor’s best intentions, man patients have gone without treatment because they just can’t tolerate “the mask”

So thankfully, there are minimally invasive procedures which can significantly improve snoring and sleep apnea. I discuss the benefits of the ‘Pillar Procedure’ in the article and the fact that patents see an 85-90% bed partner satisfaction.  It’s still amazing to me that something as simple as placing several small woven implants in the soft palate can have such dramatic affect on a person’s quality of life. As yourbody reacts to these permanent sutures, the structure of the palate stiffens and the noise is reduced.  Just incredible!

So take a look at this article and visit our web site to learn more about what you can do to have more “Silent Nights” this holiday season.

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